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We were more than happy to help our dear friends from Cataleya create an online identity that perfectly reflects the same level of luxury, the quality that you can find at their beauty salon. Cataleya is a beauty salon that offers their clients a wide range of beauty treatments, and all that in a beautiful and luxurious environment.


Known as the oasis of peace for its relaxing atmosphere, it’s a perfect getaway where you can enjoy professional beauty care and have some “me time”. Relaxing and letting their team of professionals work their magic while you find your inner peace.


  • Beauty

Technologies used

  • WordPress
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Sketch


  • Website Design
  • Website Development


The challenge involved creating a cutting edge new website which could balance strong visual imagery with usability. Also, we made sure that the design of Cataleya’s new website is clean and highly intuitive ensuring flawless customer experience.

A responsive design also needed to be incorporated to allow for a wider user base. In the ever-growing mobile market, it was vital the company’s site was visually engaging and had user-friendly features for the mobile community’s ease of use.

Typo & Palette.

The typography was selected to dovetail with this philosophy, accompanied by a contemporary take on soft colour schemes, which supply the site with a personable, warm personality as part of our cutting edge web design.


H1, H2, H3…


H1, H2, H3…





Dark Blue


Light Grey





Satisfied Client.


We have enjoyed working with ZDRA Branding on the rebranding and launch of our new website. The team approached the brief with enthusiasm and energy, responding to our queries throughout the project with efficiency and ease. Can’t think of anyone else to work better with.

– Rosa Todorović, Owner @Cataleya Beauty Salon.

Project is live.

In the process of creating a new website, the first thing we focused on was creating a reversed colour scheme, adding a darker text on a light background to give a fresh, distinctive feel.

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