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Pole Dance Academy

Sport club “Pole Dance” Academy was established in 2013. They offer a variety of pole dance trainings and their main goal is raising awareness among young people and informing them about importance of sporty and healthy lifestyle and the great benefits of participating. Their team of certified trainers works on building your strength, flexibility, improving your form by teaching you unbelievable tricks and spin techniques on static and spinning pole.

Pole Dance Academy

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Taking in consideration women empowering side of this sport, which focuses not only on building the strength, but on helping ladies gain their self confidence and to work on self improvement, the theme for the design of the website is completely in relation to that.

Fully Responsive

Beside beautiful and modern visual layout, our duty was to make an effective translation of Pole Dance Academy’s website that runs impeccably across all devices and browsers and it also allows easy usage, and we definitely succeeded in that!


Using teal, pink and white colors we made a design that shows exactly how this place should be perceived. As the perfect getaway for women all shapes and sizes where they’ll find their inner piece.  




People at ZDRA Branding are really bright and knowledgeable. They’ve created something so unique and beautiful, with flawless functionality. I’m more than thankful for what they’ve done for my Pole Dance Academy.

– Jelena Boksan – Founder of Pole Dance Academy

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