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The idea of ​​establishing FITT PRO TEAM Center, was created after years of experience in the field of sports, fitness and nutrition. Fitt Pro Team has made and ideal solution for weight loss and has found a way to grow thin in a completely healthy way by not disturbing your health in any way. They offer 3 types of X/O juices, Detox, Imuno and Slim and 2 programs of healthy food, called Bye Bye Weight and Hello Ballance.

Fitt Pro Team

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Web Design

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About the design


The inspiration was found in healthy and holistic life that Fitt Pro Team promotes. They needed a website that would empower and inspire people who visited the platform to change their lives and hop on the road to livin’ la vida healthy. 

Fully responsive

Our initial job was to make a modern visual layout but beside that we had to make an efficient conversion of the website that runs flawlessly across all devices and browsers.

Package bottle design


Main colors used on the Fitt Pro Team’s new website design are green and white. We achieved a modern but still transparent website by adding a tint of purple.




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A great website is only a starting point. Join us on building something great and making a difference.