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Cataleya Beauty Salon

Cataleya is a beauty salon that offers their clients wide range of beauty treatments, and all that in a beautiful and luxurious environment. Known as the oasis of peace for it’s relaxing atmosphere, it’s a perfect getaway where you can enjoy professional beauty care and have some “me time”. Relaxing and letting their team of professionals work their magic while you find your inner peace.

Cataleya Beauty

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We found inspiration right in their beauty salon that breathes with feminine and luxurious vibe with the great touch of elegance. Seeing Cataleya as beautiful, sophisticated and luxurious facility helped us to create a website design that they have today.

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We selected colors that create a space that is both positively comfortable and vibrant at the same time.

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Fully responsive

Cataleya’s website design is created in that way that it ensures that its website’s aesthetics have a steady coverage on different screen sizes. Our team of experts made a design that is applicable to any type of device, primarily ensuring adaptation to mobile demands and making a modern and beautiful design that will  provide full user experience.


Combining teal with white and black colour and touching it with a hint of grey, we found the perfect harmony that resembles peaceful, relaxing, sophisticated  ambient that shows exactly what Cataleya is all about.




Client about
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I was really impressed when I saw the website design that ZDRA has made. I can’t believe how great it all turned out. ZDRA branding really cares about their customers!

Rosa Ninić

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